The Inner Sound

by Simple Joys           |

      We can hear a sound that is not of this world. Although there is nothing to do except quiet the mind and listen inwardly, certain feelings and experiences may help open the aural pathway. Hearing the inner sound is comforting and restorative. Companionable.

      Inner sound, a phenomenon, has been variously referred to as sound current, naad, sabda or shabda, bat kol, nada yoga, kalma, naam, om, tao, music of the spheres, audible life stream, among others. There are many names for the same thing although what we are really talking about is a no-thing. Sound is received internally. There is, essentially, nothing to do. It is not a manmade technology. It is a mankind received technology.

      The Phenomenon of the Inner Sound by Simple Joys is one person’s whole life experiential learning about the inner sound. There are 67 short chapters. Each chapter begins with the lyrics of a song composed in appreciation for the inner sound and in self teaching to maintain the auditory connection. Each chapter has one or more anecdotes interspersed with learning segments that are philosophically adjunctive to A Course in Miracles.